Trainers bij Hardlopen Eindhoven

Professionele trainers

Hardlopen Eindhoven werkt alleen met professionele trainers, maar stelt plezier boven strakke trainingsschema's. Natuurlijk worden de nieuwste ontwikkelingen op trainingsgebied nauwgezet gevolgd en direct in ons programma ingepast.
De meeste trainers zijn gecertificeerd door de KNAU of hebben een gelijkwaardige certificatie. Een enkeling heeft door jarenlange ervaring zijn kwaliteit als trainer bewezen.

Onze trainers

  • After setting up Hardlopen Amsterdam in 2011, David Knappstein additionally founded We Run the City: a foundation (or Stichting). We Run the City is now one of the largest running clubs in the Netherlands, active in 14 Dutch cities with around 70 trainers. David was born in Rotterdam in 1971, and started running from the tender age of 7 when running struck him as a great way to get around and preferred it in place of team sports.

    He has been running more (or less often!) since then. “When everything is going well, running is a wonderful sport, and also the simplest; bringing richness to your life. It is the best way to get and stay fit, both physically and mentally. Not only that, you can explore your home surroundings very effectively; an additional advantage!” David has helped numerous novice trainers and would-be marathon runners to achieve their goals. 

    From 2003 David became a running coach and qualified as a certified KNAU trainer from the Dutch professional athletic body and previously trained with well-known Dutch trainers such as Bram Wassenaar. 

    Recounting his role as a trainer, David says, “It is really enjoyable to help beginner and advanced runners alike experience the wonderful aspects of running for themselves. So I like to train others in a method that allows their body and mind to be slowly and soundly trained into the art of running”.


    Deze trainer geeft geen trainingen waar je je nu voor in kan schrijven.
  • Hello, my name is Erik and at the age of 52, after trying out various sports, I stumbled across running! I stopped smoking and started to think about improving both my mental and physical condition. I began with a popular 'Start to Run podcast and trained up to run 10 kilometers on my own. Yet on a random summer’s morning in 2015, I decided that I wanted to develop my skills further to run a half marathon and I joined a running group to ensure I kept up the targeted training. I realised that developing the correct running technique is critical. I consciously started to focus on ‘training’ itself which led to my completing my trainer certification from the Dutch Professional Athletic body, completing both the LT2 and more recently, also the BLT3 training.

    In addition to the pure technique involved in ‘walking’, I am interested in the impact that breathing has on our body and mind. As a qualified running therapist, and member of the professional association for running therapy in NL (BRTN), I incorporate this practice into my training. Now, my original half marathon target has become the full marathon! I want to keep enjoying my running and without injuries, so I turned to the advice offered in the training schedules outlined for these distances in "The Marathon Revolution" by Stans van der Poel and Koen de Jong.

    Running has had a huge impact on me - making me physically and mentally stronger, and because of this, I want to help more people take up the sport and guide others who may be struggling with burnout, depression or anxiety disorders to enjoy the sport and use this impact in other aspects of their lives. 

    Running has become such a big part of my life. I RUN my own life! How about you too?

    I am looking forward to meeting you soon at one of my training sessions!


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  • Hello! My name is Marga: I am an outdoors sport enthusiast and enjoy being active, including running. Running means more to me than just a way of staying fit, as it ensures a feeling of wellbeing, even when we feel under the weather or are unmotivated. After a run, I feel a mixture of positivity, agility and energy, as running stimulates both your physical and mental health.  

    My interest in running led me to complete courses as both a running coach and running therapist. It is exactly by leading and giving training sessions that I can combine passion for helping others, alongside my trainer skills: it gives me immense satisfaction to see when others also take up and enjoy the sport.

    Having fun is central of course, but during my training, I ensure that everyone is moving in the right way to avoid injuries. I take pleasure in ensuring that everyone's level is taken into account so that everyone in the group can participate, and enjoy the session together.

    I hope to see you soon!


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