Training course levels

Hardlopen Eindhoven offers training for all levels. From a 'take it easy' continuation training through to personal guidance for marathon runners. You can read more about the possibilities we offer below.

Training course levels

Intermediate (Levels 1 and 2)

You can run consistently for at least 30 minutes and you know you can run further! You may also be looking to reach the next level after our Beginners Course. Whether you want to push your limits in distance or speed, or improve your fitness, or you are looking for the stimulation of running within a group setting, then our Intermediate Courses are for you.

Advanced and Marathon training

As an experienced runner you already run regularly and you have a goal to push out your boundaries. You are aiming to run more kilometers every time you train; to improve your speed; or potentially even train for the half or full marathon. After following this course, your running performance will be at a high level.

Running Courses (eng)

We Run The City is a foundation dedicated to supporting both new and experienced runners to run properly and safely. Our primary goal is to
ensure they have fun and enjoy running for a lifetime. We take special care of our training groups, led by a professional trainer and capped at 16 participants. This limit ensures each runner receives individual coaching and support to achieve their personal running goals.